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Yulish & Associates - Making Clients Happy Since 1993

About Yulish & Associates

Yulish and Associates was founded by Kathryn Yulish in 1993 to assist small businesses with a broad range of financial issues including budgeting, bookkeeping, financial planning, tax preparation and counseling and business consulting.

Our Clients Love Us

Great value proposition with excellent client service. A pleasure to work with, always on-time and always available for follow-up and advice.
Hadi Habal
Habal Capital Group, LLC

Our History & Philosophy

After considerable growth in the hedge fund space, Kathryn elected in 1999 to focus the firm’s efforts exclusively on supporting hedge fund managers. While the hedge fund industry was on the verge of exploding onto the global financial scene, Kathryn recognized that managers were finding it increasingly challenging to find high quality and cost-effective administration support. Unfortunately for hedge fund managers, nothing has changed since then. Indeed, managers today find it even more difficult to find premier and cost-effective partners to bolster their operational infrastructure.

We designed our suite of administrative and consulting services to allow managers to focus on portfolio construction and investment management while we handle the operational side of the business. In addition to being certified public accountants, the principals at Yulish and Associates have held senior positions at large single-manager funds and fund-of-funds, where they learned first-hand the many facets of managing a hedge fund.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service, personalized to their specific needs, at affordable prices. Our unwavering commitment to these core principles has enabled us to grow our business solely through referrals from other service providers and client word-of-mouth.

"Great value proposition with excellent client service. A pleasure to work with, always on-time and always available for follow-up and advice."
Hadi Habal
Habal Capital Group, LLC
"I would recommend Kathryn to everyone in the business, and I would tell friends using larger firms to switch. She is as good as it gets."
Kelly Gasink
Reservoir Investment Partners
"We have been thrilled with Yulish & Associates since we switched administrators 4 years ago."
Randall Gilberd
Rockridge Investment Partners LLC
"They [Yulish & Associates] are fast, accurate, and always nice when answering my questions. I can honestly say it’s a true pleasure to work with them."
Samuel C Wilson, CFA
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